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Tanafus Almumayazah Trading L.L.C

Tanafus Almumayazah Trading L.L.C

Tanafus Almumayazah Trading L.L.CTanafus Almumayazah Trading L.L.CTanafus Almumayazah Trading L.L.C

About Us

Our Vision

  • Seeking Tnafus to be a leading company the field of minerals, polymers and food agents to keep pace with the development of civilization and urban and industrial regions industrial strategy implemented as designed to add high value of the production capacity in the field of minerals. to providing innovative and modern commercial services and solutions that serve all our customers and help them in the success and development of their business.

Our Mission

  • Providing a leading commercial and food products through our industrial partners with high quality and competitive prices to meet all the requirements of our commercial customers through a package of metal, plastic and cement and food products.

Our Values

  • To share our clients' successes and business development as partners.
  • To harness all our capabilities in providing a work environment that serves all target sectors with innovative solutions and alternatives.
  • We seek to strengthen the concepts of leadership and teamwork with the Secretariat, credibility and continuous development in service packages in line with the rapid developments in the commercial sector at the moment.
  • All employees in the Tnafus compete to promote entrepreneurship by adhering to the highest standards of quality and professional excellence.

Our business

Metal products


Supplying metals and iron and polymers to local companies and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Arabian Gulf, the reconstruction countries and the rest of the world from its customers' (SABIC Hadeed, Al-Rajhi Steel and Al-Ittifaq Steel)

Polymer products


Complete range of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE for Flexible and Rigid Applications, Sabic and Tasnee Manufactory

Food Agents


Aljouf Food Factory Agents for providing olive oil, tomato paste, tomato ketchup, sesame paste, fruit jam, fruit juice

Metals Product

Metals Product


TNAFUS provides all of the high quality metal products and plays a vital role in competing in the metal products under its customers' brand (SABIC Hadeed, Al-Rajhi Steel and Al-Ittifaq Steel) As a leading company in the Gulf region in the field of steel production and manufacturing, Supporting construction in the world's fastest growing economies.



TNAFUS offers a broad range of hot rolled and cold rolled flat products in the form of both Coils and Slit Coils Manufacture of SABIC and UniCoil factory.






TNAFUS offers a broad range of Long products in the form of concrete reinforcing bars (rebars), wire rod coils, light sections, and steel billets. Mixed brand (Steel SABIC, Al-Rajhi Steel and Al-Ittifaq Steel)

Rebar|Rebar in Coil|Straighten rebar|Wire Rod

Polymers Product



Complete range of HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE for Flexible and Rigid Applications 



(PET) A transparent, lightweight material with excellent water and moisture barrier properties, used mostly for water, carbonated soft drinks, milk and juice packaging application.



Complete range of Homo, Random & Impact Polypropylene and Polypropylene Compounds for Flexible and Rigid Applications

Food Product

Olive Oil


Tomato Paste


Tomato Ketchup


Sesame Paste


Fruit Jam


Pure Vegetable Ghee


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Tnafus Almumayazah Trading L.L.C

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