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TNAFUS ALMUMAYAZAH TRADING is a limited liability company based on national competencies that started its activity in 2013, where it was well prepared and prepared to enter the fields of trade and construction for all different specialties, logistics and transportation services. Since its establishment and ambition, it has pushed it forward with the same steps in its development, to be one of the most important companies in its various specialties. We have sought in a competing company to build strategic relationships with clients to achieve the ambitious goals as we have committed with our success partners inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the world level in terms of time and quality and directing all our energies to take a high methodology in control, planning and management to ensure the success of the company’s business


Providing the highest possible level of product quality services in all areas of our specialties and providing the highest we have to ensure the satisfaction of our customers


To occupy a distinguished position in all our specialties, unique in the quality of our products and services, and distinguished by our activities and principles that support the development of human potential


Commitment to quality, time and cost in order to satisfy our customers and achieve the mutual interest of both parties

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